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Launch Day

Well, here we are! The big day is finally here and I am not sure how to feel! 

This has been such a rollercoaster of a journey. With something that started a very long time ago as a hobby, which then filtered away because of life. I am a Mum and also work full time. 

The love for scents and home fragrance has never left me, there is just something about popping a melt in my burner, sitting back with a cuppa and letting those smells take me somewhere. Cheesy, I know! 

Then I decided to dabble again. But something clicked, I am making good products (amazing infact!) There is a market for my melts.

So behold, AromaNation was born. I have spent months perfecting, testing, buying way to many fragrances...but I got there, and now I have something that I am so passionate about and I am proud! 

But launch is here and suddenly, I feel sick, I am a bundle of nerves, there is always that 'what if' lurking in my head! What if they aren't good enough, What if no one likes them, What if this is all a flop! Now time for the shake, I stand up, I give my body a good shake and get rid of all that stress - trust me, this actually works. It's also madness to start a business during a pandemic...maybe that is just the way I am, I always seem to time things badly! 

I have decided, that I am here for the good times, and I will make this what I can. I am excited for my future and what I can do for my business and where I CAN and WILL take it. Launch will be what it is, I am going to enjoy it and be proud of what I have achieved so far. 

I am off to pour myself a large glass of something with lots of alcohol and reflect on what a journey it has been so far. 


Mucho Loveo 

Natalie xxx